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Basimah Rasha

Basimah Rasha is a compelling author that has an alluring desire for writing. Her memoir, The Epitome of Truth was inspired by her present inner goals and her childhood memories. The messages in her memoir is written to be entertaining, informative, relatable, and easy to read—this way reader’s don’t skip pages to get to the end. Although this book is vital it does reveal unfortunate things like death, failure, betrayal, and setbacks.

The one message she would like to reveal in Epitome of Truth is the effect of self discovery---the effect of knowing your background, your weaknesses and strengths are all a part of your individual truth.  Her level of intellect and creativity has made visuals from her life to fit in words and stories for others to adhere the common knowledge to never let another person hold the pen to create your life! Life is about creating your own truth and living your life the wisest way possible.


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